This day in 1958, Bobby Fischer becomes youngest ever GM!

On this day in 1958 Bobby Fischer became the youngest Grandmaster ever, aged 15 years 6 months – beating Boris Spassky’s record by 3 years. Bobby won the title by qualifying for the Candidates Tournament, at such a  young age he was already competing for the title! He was to hold his record for an incredible 33 years (finally beaten by Judit Polgar and subsequently beaten every few years).



Happy 35th Birthday, Peter Leko!

Happy Birthday to Peter Leko, 35 today! In 2004, Leko beat Shirov and Toplaov on his way to challenge Vladimir Kramnik for the World Title. He was leading with 1 game to go but Vlad got the victory required to tie the match and retain his title. You don’t come much closer than that to becoming World Champion!

(Pictured with his wife, Sofi).