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Welcome to 365 Killer Checkmates – a training ground for your skill in finishing off your opponent. Each one of the positions given is taken from a real game so you can be sure that being able to find these checkmates will serve you well in your own games.
We have 365 positions so you can train daily for a year although it is always tempting to do many more in one go! No problem – there are so many puzzles here that you can return to them again and again.
From the spectacular Queen sacrifice to the seemingly innocuous King move, the opponent will be snared in an inescapable mating net time and again with some of the greatest artists ever to sit at a chessboard showing how it’s done.
From Paul Morphy to Petrosian, Fischer to Kasparov and Anand to Carlsen, the top players have always known how to checkmate in style and I hope you will have great fun in finding the powerful moves too.

Available in paperback and Kindle versions (you do not need a Kindle device as free readers are available for PCs, Macs and smartphones.)

Sample checkmate position, White to play.


Click here to get “365 Killer Checkmates” from Amazon!

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