CHESS VISION – Checkmate Edition

Another title that will really improve your ability to ‘see ahead’, as well as familiarise yourself with some fantastic checkmates played out by the 15 World Champions! The book contains diagrams of chess positions and asks you to play between 1 and 15(!) moves ahead then find the mate in 1. It starts off easy with some of Wilhelm Steinitz’ games but steadily increases as you play through nearly 400 games over 150 years – all with the checkmate delivered by a World Champion.

The progressive difficulty level means there is something here for all levels – remember the idea is to train and improve, to go beyond your current level, so when it starts getting tougher, that’s when you’re going to get the most benefit.

Featuring over 800 diagrams (some have multiple solutions) this is sure to keep you going for a long time – and it’s great fun too!

Available in both paperback and Kindle versions.


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Download a FREE pdf sample here!

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