3 thoughts on “Endgame Study #52: Glek – Kishnev”

  • Freddy Weinhandl says :

    i like chees

  • Murrel says :

    f4!!! Brilliant idea! Since the only thing stopping White’s Queen from ushering his pawn to the Queening square is Black’s Queen’s perpetual check oscillating between f4 & c1, take the f4 checking square away from him by insisting that he occupy it with his own pawn. Now White will be free to bring his Queen down to b7 to support the coronation of the new Queen, currently a mere pawn on d7. Black cannot trade Queens as his own King is too far from the coronation venue.

  • Mehrdad says :

    b5 Q.d7-b6 Qc8-b7 Qb8-Qc6 ….-Qc8

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