Fischer holds out his hands for Larsen to choose colours.
Fischer holds out his hands for Larsen to choose colours.





3 thoughts on “Bobby Fischer 18.5-2.5 Taimanov, Larsen, Petrosian. Candidates 1971, all games.”

  • Istvan Belencsak says :

    Érdemes megnézni..akkortájt Bobby volt a legnagyobb sakkozó(de talán még ma is az…lenne, ha tovább játszott volna….kár, hogy korán abbahagyta…..)

  • Aaron llaury says :

    it must be something wrong with the ratings of Petrosian, Taimanov theyre stronger than much more 2700 masters of today, dont you think so? Of course im aware that today masters play with more precission, but 2620 ?!

    1. Alchemos says :

      It’s an interesting one. I certainly think that Petrosian et al were more talented and that there is some rating inflation these days. But of course, the modern players have learned from the greats, they know all their games and can reproduce their great moves and avoid their mistakes. Earlier players are trailblazers for their successors.

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