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The 5 Elements of Chess Mastery – The Lemos Method


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Get to master level quicker with the Lemos Method, the 15 hour course for serious chess improvers from GM Damian Lemos.


Drawing on his own experience, Damian focuses on the 5 keys areas you need to work on to become a strong player: understanding the opening; exploiting positional mistakes; creating powerful attacks; playing for a win and learning from the classics.


The insights and advice contained in the Lemos Methodwill save you from years of hit-and-miss learning, and give you techniques you can put into practice right away.


You’ll learn how to build up your opening repertoire from basic to advanced, create winning chances against passive players and add the most powerful ideas of all time to your game.


As well as the 15 hours of video coaching, you get PGNs of the featured games, practical tests and a course summary to reinforce the new ideas.


1.Understanding the opening

  • a.Understanding the Ideas Behind the Openings
  • b.The Open Sicilian, 4.Qxd4 (Yandemirov-Voitsekhovsky)
  • c.Yandemirov-Voitsekhovsky, part 2
  • d.Yandemirov-Voitsekhovsky, part 3

2.Exploiting Positional Mistakes

  • a.Weak squares (San Segundo Carrillo-Spice)
  • b.San Segundo Carrillo-Spice, part 2
  • c.Punishing early Queen moves (Sulskis-Yakovich)

3.Creating Attacks

  • a.Attacking the King in the center (Alekhine-Fahrni)
  • b.Attacking strategy (Greenfeld-Postny)
  • c.Destroying the King’s defenses (Sznapik-Foisor)

4.Playing for a win

  • a.Breaking the equilibrium (Hiermann-Uhlmann)
  • b.Breaking the equilibrium, part 2
  • c.Beating passive players (Belous-Matlakov)
  • d.Beating passive players, part 2
  • e.Creating winning chances (Vina Gutierrez-Lemos)
  • f.Provoking mistakes (Mulleady-Lemos)
  • g.Complicating the game (Tukmakov-Kasparov)
  • h.Complicating the game, part 2

5.Learning from the Classics

  • a.The Queenside attack (Flamberg-Alekhine)
  • b.The Queenside attack, part 2
  • c.Flawless strategy (Capablanca-Alekhine)
  • d.Flawless strategy, part 2
  • e.Precise defense (Marshall-Capablanca)
  • f.Precise defense, part 2
  • g.Practical chances (Spassky-Fischer)
  • h.Practical chances, part 2
  • i.Complete control (Gligoric-Fischer)

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