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Time, Space and Harmony – The Krush Method



Understand the essence of chess with the Krush Method, the 7 hour course from 7 times US Women’s Chess Champion GM Irina Krush.


The true nature of chess isn’t easy to pin down. It’s clearly more than pawn structure, knight outposts and King safety, important as those elements are. GM Krush identifies the qualities of time, space and harmony as the real deciding factors in the outcome of a game. Mastering each of these is what this course is all about.


Learn how to attack with speed, conquer territory and harmonize your pieces so they strike with maximum effect. Learn the techniques that change a tough position into one where you’re fighting for the win.


Make fast progress by mastering the pillars of chess expertise with the Krush Method.


  1. Understanding the element of time in chess
  2. Punishing negligent development
  3. Space advantage strategies
  4. Undermining space with pieces
  5. Blowing up space
  6. Harmony: staying flexible
  7. Harmony: improving your pieces
  8. Creating harmony

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