“A knight ending is really a pawn ending.” – Mikhail Botvinnik

It’s White to play & win 🙂 Can you give a winning line/idea?WhWin

2 thoughts on “Chess Endgame Calculation”

  • Matthias says :

    C4xb5 first and after kd6 ne4+. if ke5 defend with white k on f3 and later defending pawn with nd6 and help with the king to take black pawn on b6 and promote the withe pawn?

  • Alchemos says :

    Yes, very good. The Knight has to protect the pawn and will get taken but must draw the King far enough away from the pawn to allow the White King to get to e5. With the King on e5 and pawn on b5, the King can muscle his way over and capture the b6 pawn and see the promotion of the pawn. Eg, 1. cxb5 Kd6 2. Ne4+ Kd5 3. Kf4 Kc4 4. Nd6+ Kd5 5. Ne8! Kc5 6. Nc7 Kd6 7. Kf5 Kxc7 8. Ke6 Kb7 9. Kd7 etc

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