3 thoughts on “Chess Tactic #514: Anna Muzychuk – Cramling”

  • Dasiya Kusbandi says :

    1. … d6!
    2.Rf3 dxe5
    with good attacking chances for Black.

  • Gavin Roupe says :

    1. Rg5+ Kf3 2.Rh3+ Ke4 3.Rg4+ Rf4 4.Rxf4+ Kxf4 5.Rxd3 And black is a rook for a pawn or two, other responses seem to fail such as 1…Kf1 fails to Rh1 followed by taking the e5 pawn with check and scooping up the rook. 2…Ke2 fails to the same move as previous.

  • Gordon Alexander says :

    Create threat Re5+

    So, 1. ….. Rg5+
    2 Kf1 Rh1+
    3 Ke2 Re5+ Etc.

    2 Kf3 Re5
    3 Rh6 (forced)

    and Rh3+ picks up the Bishop

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