David Navara Beats Garry Kasparov in St Louis

David Navara Beats Garry Kasparov in St Louis Rapid Tournament!

Garry Kasparov played a near perfect game against David Navara at the St. Louis Chess Club yesterday (16th August 2017), only to see it all blow up in his face when checkmate appeared inevitable. Can you find what’s wrong with 49.Nb4-c6+ ? […]

The 5 Best Ways to Get Better at Chess

Chess is a competitive game and those who play it like to win. But it’s not always so easy when your opponent is hell-bent on winning too. If you want to win more games, more tournaments, more prizes and perhaps […]

Book review: What it takes to become a Grandmaster – Andrew Soltis

Publisher: Batsford Chess Author: GM Andrew Soltis 318 pages ★★★★½ GM Andrew Soltis returns with a sequel to his popular book “What it takes to become a Chess Master”. Whereas “Chess Master” talked about the new skills you need to move […]

The 6 Types of Chess Player – Which one are you?

Yuri Averbakh, Russian GM, author, endgame expert and currently the world’s oldest living GM at 93 (!), revealed in a 1997 interview in New in Chess that he placed chess players into 6 categories. Here they are with his description […]