The 5 Best Ways to Get Better at Chess

Chess is a competitive game and those who play it like to win. But it’s not always so easy when your opponent is hell-bent on winning too. If you want to win more games, more tournaments, more prizes and perhaps […]

The 6 Types of Chess Player – Which one are you?

Yuri Averbakh, Russian GM, author, endgame expert and currently the world’s oldest living GM at 93 (!), revealed in a 1997 interview in New in Chess that he placed chess players into 6 categories. Here they are with his description […]

The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played – Chernev

Publisher: Batsford             £15.99/$23.95         312 pages       ★ ★ ★ ★ ★   First published in 1965, Irving Chernev’s book has become a classic in the field of annotated games. Now Batsford bring us an […]