2 thoughts on “Endgame Study #70: Lund – Nimzowitsch”

  • Cebú says :

    Exploiting the overloaded White king and bishop allows Black to promote one of his pawns, I think:
    2.axb4 c3+
    3.bxc3 a3
    3.Kxc3 Rxh4
    4.gxh4 g3
    5.fxg3 Kxe3
    4.Kc1 d2+
    5.Bxd2 Rxh4
    6.gxh4 g3
    7.fxg3 f2

    1. Cebú says :

      I played the position against Lucas Chess and of course my idea didn’t work. 🙂

      It took on c3 with the king and then refused the rook sacrifice and moved 6.b5 instead. Black kept a big advantage, according to the engine, after
      6… Rh5
      7. Kc4 Rd5
      8. Bd2, but I ended up losing the game anyway.

      So I tried again starting with rook takes knight, as it forces the recapture, and this time I managed to queen the g pawn:
      1… Rxh4
      2. gxh4 b4
      3. h5 c3+
      4. bxc3 g3
      5. axb4 g2

      Nice exercise, thank you for sharing!

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