Black to play and win.

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↓↓↓ Answer Below ↓↓↓

1… a5 2. Ke3 h5! 3. Kf3 (3. Kd3 hxg4 4. hxg4 c4+! 5. bxc4+ Kc5 6. Kd2 Kxc4 7. Kc2 b5 -+) 3… c4! 4. b4 b5! and one of the a-pawns will promote.

Example taken from the excellent Van Perlo’s Endgame Tactics: A Comprehensive Guide to the Sunny Side of Chess Endgames

3 thoughts on “Endgame Study #74: Smirnov – Bernan”

  • Dasiya Kusbandi says :

    Your notation says 3. … c4! 4.b4 b5! which in my opinion was inaccurate for White could reply with 5.bxa5 and queen first with a check. Simpler is 4.b4 axb4! etc.

    1. Alchemos says :

      4…axb4 is a draw as 5 cxb4 gives White two connected pawns and threatens to get a passed pawn. Black would have to keep an eye on them with his King as he can’t force his own c-pawn home, the White King covers. After 4…b5! 5. bxa5 bxa4 6. a6 Black plays Kc6! winning the a-pawn. White cannot get to Black’s a-pawn in time.

      1. Dasiya Kusbandi says :

        Yes, you are right. It was my analysis that proved inaccurate.

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