BlackburneJoseph Henry Blackburne (1841-1924) only learned chess at 18 but became one of the most successful players in England, famous for his tactical play and talent for blindfold chess.

The following games take place between Blackburne and a player called John Lord who was now playing his chess in Lancashire. The games and italicized comments have been supplied by the Lancashire County Chess captain (and former coach to the young Nigel Short) Mike Conroy.

Blackburne got leave from a London tournament to fulfil prior engagement in
the Rossendale area of Lancashire. On June 15 he played a 30 board simul
against local players at Waterford Grammar School. He scored +28 =1 -1. On
June 16 he played an eight board blindfold simul. He scored +7 -1.

17 and 18 Nov, 1893 ordinary simul and blindfold simul at Rossendale CC,

25 years earlier Lord had won a tournament game against Blackburne.

Finally, another game between Lord and Blackburne, found on

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