Book review: What it takes to become a Grandmaster – Andrew Soltis

Publisher: Batsford Chess Author: GM Andrew Soltis 318 pages ★★★★½ GM Andrew Soltis returns with a sequel to his popular book “What it takes to become a Chess Master”. Whereas “Chess Master” talked about the new skills you need to move […]

The 6 Types of Chess Player – Which one are you?

Yuri Averbakh, Russian GM, author, endgame expert and currently the world’s oldest living GM at 93 (!), revealed in a 1997 interview in New in Chess that he placed chess players into 6 categories. Here they are with his description […]

Nakamura beats Bareev in 11 moves as Black!

An interesting miniature occurred at the Millionaire Chess tournament recently. The game was a rapid tiebreak between Evgeny Bareev (2669) and Hikaru Nakamura (2812). The position shown was reached after Bareev tried to capitalize on the undefended h5 Knight with […]

Book Review: The Caro-Kann (Opening Repertoire)

Publisher: Everyman Chess Author: WGM Jovanka Houska 480 pages ★★★★½ The Caro-Kann is a funny opening – it looks completely unambitious (would you open 1.c3?) yet it was a favourite of World Champions Capablanca, Botvinnik, Petrosian and Karpov. Of course, these […]