2 thoughts on “Chess Tactic #312: Kotov – Bronstein”

  • Dasiya Kusbandi says :

    My analysis runs as follows:
    1.Qd8+ KxN
    2.h3 Nf2+
    3.Kh2 Nf2e4
    4.Rae1 Qe5
    5.BxN NxB
    6.RxN QxR
    7.Qf8+ Kh7
    8.Rf7+ Kg6
    9.Rg7+ Kh5
    10.Qh8+ Qh7

  • Costello says :

    I was thinking that Qd8 is the right move…but Houdini 3 Pro 2.3.2 and Rybka 2.2 tell me that am i wrong…and u are wrong too Dasiya Kusbandi…it`s not mate in 11…

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