4 thoughts on “Chess Tactic #467: Einoris – Kasparov”

  • Dasiya Kusbandi says :

    1. … d1=Q
    2.RaxQ RxR
    3.RxR Qxf4+
    4.Kh1 Qf3+
    winning White’s Rook.

  • Simon Yip says :

    1:…Ne6 will force check mate.
    if 2: BxN, Rd3 force mate when black queen land on h3.
    if 2: NxR, Nxf4; 3: Rxf4 (Black threatening…Qh3##), QxR#; 4: Kh3 or Kg2, Bf2! force mate on white king.

  • Fez Howard says :

    Qg8+ if white doesn’t take then black queens the pawn if white does trade then trade down and queen the pawn. Black wins either way

    1. Fez Howard says :

      +Qg1 +*

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